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T4 Consolidation Run

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Jack Trachtman
Super Advisor

T4 Consolidation Run

I run T4 data collection 24x7. Occasionally I have to stop and restart the collector (for system boots, etc). I would like to be able to have T4:

- collect data for the rest of the day, going back to a 24-hour collection period the next day
- run the T4 end processes (which consolidate files) to perform the consolidation on the 1 or more partial-day files

I've looked through the T4 collection script, but it doesn't seem to provide the above options, and modifying it looks very time-consuming.

Has anyone worked through this situation?

John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: T4 Consolidation Run


Yes, I've dealt with this issue.

T4 itself won't consolidate your files, but it should, by default, roll up the data from the incomplete run, and start the new run. See the RESTART logic in the T4 collection and make sure it's enabled.

Consolidation is a bit more tedious. About the best tool for the job at the moment is (surprisingly) T4$SYS:CSVPNG

Use CSVPNG/APPEND to join the CSV files for the day together. As the doc says:


Concatenates two or more CSV files. This is useful to create a continuous
history from daily T4 files. The input files must have the same number of
columns. No charts are created.

Make sure you have the very latest CSVPNG as there have been a few recent fixes in the area of merging and appending.
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Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: T4 Consolidation Run

The latest CSVPNG is available at
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Jack Trachtman
Super Advisor

Re: T4 Consolidation Run


I didn't know about the restart function - I'll look into it. Thanks