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T4, Web, and the meaning of life.

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Peter Quodling
Trusted Contributor

T4, Web, and the meaning of life.

I have recently switched on T4, to gather data on our system. To appease those with pointy hair (cf Dilbert), i am thinking about displaying it all via "the web". HAs anyone been through this exercise, and have the appropriate wrappers/instructions etc.

Leave the Money on the Fridge.
Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: T4, Web, and the meaning of life.

We create a nice HTML report every night using CSVPNG together with an overview page for the last 14 days.
The T4 datafiles itself are stored in node-, year and monthspecific subdirs and last years files are put into one ZIP archive.

I have attached the procedure as a starter, but you must have a look into it, because there may be some dependancies from our environment here.

The procedure is part of a nightly cleanup job, so there is no code in it for the resubmit...

Use it at your own risk :-)
regards Kalle