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T4 & Friends CSVPNG /Overlay behavior

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Glenn Wolf

T4 & Friends CSVPNG /Overlay behavior

I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this question; please direct me to the right place for questions about CSVPNG.


I've just started using CSVPNG to graph application-level performance over time, and I'm having trouble with the behavior of the /OVERLAY option.


I want to graph a small number (2-6) of similar performance values over time on the same graph.  /OVERLAY looks like the way to do this, and indeed it does.  However, the legend that CSVPNG puts on the graph just contains a colored block for each line on the chart, and next to the block it lists the minimum and maximum values for that line.  It does not give the name of the value that is represented by the line.


So if I'm plotting free space on a few disks, I can see that one of them is reaching a critical point, but I can't see which one it is.


I've looked through the CSVPNG documentation, and can't find anything that affects the contents of the legend.


Am I missing something simple (always a possiblity)?



John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: T4 & Friends CSVPNG /Overlay behavior



  Without an exact command, it's difficult to say what might be wrong. I'm using CSVPNG Version V1.0-170 and labels certainly work for me. I tried both the following commands


$ csvpng /param=*Free/overlay T4DISKSPACE_NODEA1_26JUN2011_0845.CSV

$ csvpng /param=*Free/overlay=1 T4DISKSPACE_NODEA1_26JUN2011_0845.CSV


 Both worked as expected, placing the legend at the bottom or right hand side, including coloured square, min, max and paramerter name. I've attached the CSV file and both charts. I remember asking Pat to add the parameter name as a text label on charts, but I think that was just in the HTML index (so you could use FIND ON PAGE to locate a particular chart). 

A crucible of informative mistakes
Glenn Wolf

Re: T4 & Friends CSVPNG /Overlay behavior

Thanks for the reply, you solved the problem:  The format of my column headers was incorrect (I had "[Collector: Category]" rather than "[Collector]Category").  Being able to see the simple, working example, and the data behind it did the trick!
Thanks for taking the time.


Regular Visitor

Re: T4 & Friends CSVPNG /Overlay behavior



Can I ask what you are using to collect the disk space information? I was going to write a DCL procedure to generate the .CSV, but if there's a T4 tool that's already available, that would be great!





Glenn Wolf

Re: T4 & Friends CSVPNG /Overlay behavior

I'm sorry for the slow reply.  We are using a home-grown DCL procedure that knows about our application's "important" disks, and collects that data.  You've probably already written one, but let me know if not, and I'll see if I can expunge that app-specific stuff from ours and send it along.