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TCP/IP 5.7 on OpenVMS 8.3 Alpha?

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TCP/IP 5.7 on OpenVMS 8.3 Alpha?

Hi all. When I browse the Alpha 8.3 patch list, TCP/IP 5.7 (ECO1 and ECO2) are available and in reading the Summary Description(s) section 2.3 it says "Version(s) of OpenVMS to which this kit may be applied: OpenVMS Alpha V8.3 or later". However, in reading the OpenVMS 5.7 Release Notes Chapter 1 it says "To use TCP/IP Services V5.7, you must upgrade to OpenVMS 8.4 or higher".

So which is it?

I've installed TCP/IP 5.7 on an OpenVMS 8.3 test system (mistakenly? before I noticed the discrepancy) and it seems to be working ok but with some minor problems. We have discovered some problems with Reflections (terminal emulator) FTP file transfer. I am thinking of downgrading back to 5.6. Any expressed opinions/experiences will be appreciated. Thank you.
Ian Miller.
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Re: TCP/IP 5.7 on OpenVMS 8.3 Alpha?

The SPD for TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Version 5.7

"To qualify for a software support contract, the TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Version 5.7 product requires one of the following OpenVMS operating system versions:"

â ¢ OpenVMS Alpha Version 8.4
â ¢ OpenVMS Alpha Version 8.3
â ¢ OpenVMS Alpha Version 8.2-1
â ¢ OpenVMS Alpha Version 8.2
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Volker Halle
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Re: TCP/IP 5.7 on OpenVMS 8.3 Alpha?


> â ¢ OpenVMS Alpha Version 8.2-1

Interesting, I've never seen THAT version mentioned before ;-)