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Telnet & LAT on DECSERVER 700

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Telnet & LAT on DECSERVER 700



Currently on our system have the old DECServer 700, this device connects serial port device and one or more VMS  computers (Vax 4000), it uses LAT protocol for communicate between Vax and decServer 700.

Now i want to insert one Windows PC that uses TCPIP protocol to the ethernet network. This PC will communicate to serial port device through DecServer 700, so we have two protocol which is communicate to same Decserver 700 (LAT & TCPIP).  For the new Windows PC, we will  use Telnet service to the decserver.  Can we use this configuration so the new Windows PC and VMS computer able to communicate with DECSERver?





Volker Halle
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Re: Telnet & LAT on DECSERVER 700



yes, a DECserver 700 should also be able to talk TCP/IP in addition to LAT.


You need to configure the IP parameters for the DECserver 700 and configure a listener port, which points to the serial port on the DECserver, you want to communicate with using TELNET from the Windows PC.


The DECserver has online HELP. And the pointer to the documentation has been provided to your post in comp.os.vms.