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Testing tools avilable in VMS

Sethunath K.O
Occasional Advisor

Testing tools avilable in VMS

Hello ,

We need to propose a testing system for a new project in VMS. It would be great if you can provide your valuable comments for the following

1. What are the testing tools available in VMS ? (I know about DTM –Digital test manager)
2. General Testing automation techniques can be used in VMS
3. Third party tools available for the same
4. Your suggestions …

Thanks in advance
Honored Contributor

Re: Testing tools avilable in VMS

If you wish to know about third-party tools (and AFAIK, most (all?) of these are isolated or application- or language-specific, or both) then check the HP DSPP software catalog. The DSPP catalog is the closest analog to a complete catalog of software available for OpenVMS. The product catalog is available underneath this:


Or you can add your own domain-specific keywords to something akin to:




My suggestion is to go get DECset and DECdtm. That package works, is reasonably flexible, can test most configurations and environments, can be automated, and it sees updates when (rarely) stuff breaks. It's AFAIK far and away the most common testing tool choice, if not the only (generic) choice available.

To learn how to use DECdtm within your environment, please start with the DECdtm documentation. How you might use it tends to involve how your application is structured, and how you run unit tests.

Java tends to be its own specialty, see the NetBeans or Eclipse stuff that's around for how those IDEs and that language supports debugging with Java. (While I've not tried DECdtm with Java, that combination might well work nicely.)
Craig A Berry
Honored Contributor

Re: Testing tools avilable in VMS

Perl has very good testing facilities, not just for Perl code but for anything that runs in user mode and has inputs and outputs (or exit status). I have written test scripts in Perl that do things like emulate the "foreign" side of socket communication code written in BASIC and C. The TAP (Test Anything Protocol) is simple and can be generated with anything if you don't want to write Perl test scripts. You can parse TAP with the prove utility that comes with Perl.

For further reading:



Sethunath K.O
Occasional Advisor

Re: Testing tools avilable in VMS

Thank you for the answers, it helped me.