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Troubleshooting DELPEN process

Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: Troubleshooting DELPEN process



this indicates, that either the 3rd party rundown routine is blocking the process or that the ICC rundown routine is the culprit. If you can find out from your 3rd party supplier, what they do in their rundown routine and check in the running system, whether those steps have been performed, you can pretty much pinpoint this problem. Only HP should be able to help you with ICC/IPC.


Does the IPC$SDA (SDA> IPC) extension help to look at some of the data structures ? Probably not, but an ICC$SDA extension is supposed to be available in V8.4 !



Richard J Maher
Trusted Contributor

Re: Troubleshooting DELPEN process

Hi Richard,


But they do know what their EXEC rundown handler does right? (Trying to output with RMS is always a good one :-)


I don't imagine their rundown handler to be thousands of MACRO-32 lines long? (Or perhaps it's not linked /PROTECT and they're calling out?)


Maybe it is nothing to do with their UWSS and something peculiar to $ICC that is only seen in your configuration, but it would be unusual.


Cheers Richard