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Tru64 to OpenVms (!)

Miguel Ward

Tru64 to OpenVms (!)

Have a couple of Vms clusters (6.2 and 7.3) and one Tru64 5.1 cluster. Considering (non)future of tru64, satisfaction with Vms, etc. I am trying to get a price quotation from HP Argentina to convert my Tru64 DS20+AS800 Cluster to Vms 7/8.

Whilst waiting for reply can any one tell me if there are any special 'offers' for this type of conversion or do I have to pay full licencies for everything and discard the Tru64 licences which I will no longer require.

Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: Tru64 to OpenVms (!)


there are license trade-in programs as part of the Alpha Retain Trust program:


Tru64 to OpenVMS license migration does not seem to be covered, but contact information is provided. It would be worth to try to get an answer from HP...

Honored Contributor

Re: Tru64 to OpenVms (!)


Using the current HP Software license trade-in and transfers policies, we can convert

1. Tru64 UX on Alpha --to-- OpenVMS on I64 or HP-UX on I64/HP9000.

2. Alpha/VAX OpenVMS to I64/OpenVMS or I64/HP9000/HP-UX

On the Hp's Software license trade-in and transfers policies, no information about converting Tru64/Alpha to OpenVMS/ALpha.

Better as Mr.Volker said, you can speak to HP on this.

Miguel Ward

Re: Tru64 to OpenVms (!)

Thanks for answers. I am presently waiting for HP to give me a quotation