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Tru64 utility port to VMS

Dave Gudewicz
Valued Contributor

Tru64 utility port to VMS

I once saw a Tru64 utility that "drew" its system layout in an X-window.

CPU, disks, peripherals, etc drawn in an easy to read layout.

Can't recall the name of the utility, but it would be nice to see something similar ported to VMS.
Martin Johnson
Honored Contributor

Re: Tru64 utility port to VMS

You have to remember that OpenVMS was developed before GUIs became popular. Most of the products for OpenVMS tend to use VT100 type graphics.

One of the most powerful tools I remember using was the DEC Capacity Planner (CP). It would show you the components of your system, and allow you to define workloads. You increase/decrease workloads and CP would show you resource utilization/bottlenecks. You could "upgrade" your system components and see how the resource utilization/bottlenecks changed.

The Capacity Planner was/is a powerful tool. It can even tell you when your bus bandwidth has been staturated - something that is hard to do with the current unix base tools.

Todd Maurer

Re: Tru64 utility port to VMS

What was once DECcp became ECP a Digital/Compaq product. The tool covered many OSes and has had a GUI for 10+ years. The tool lives on today in two forms. The OpenVMS data collector and data analysis tool is available as a download that is licenses with a valid OpenVMS license. A company PERFCAP (www.perfcap.com) bought the rights to continue ECP's evolution. They've added functionality to the OpenVMS collector and analysis portions and still have the capacity planner tool available.
OpenVMS is here to stay
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Re: Tru64 utility port to VMS

I use Planner on VMS (PerfCap version) all the time. The graphical gui is still there. New features are that Planner on VMS can now read PerfCap collector files from other OS's (HPUX,Tru64,Sun,AIX,Linux) and NT. Non PerfCap files include MeasureWare, and Polycenter.

For VMS, planner can read PerfCap, ECP 5.x files (not the new 5.4b,c stuff, that does not have EVM/SAMPLE cp collectors), and even some older psdc file versions (Polycenter and PSDC 2.053,2.2)

btw PerfCap consists of the ex-Compaq engineers in the PSCP group, so at least the software has gone to people who know what they are doing...:)



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Re: Tru64 utility port to VMS

Hello There

Have a look at the RCM (Revision and Configuation Mangement) tool for OpenVMS.

It's especially usefull on the later AlphaServers as it gathers detailed information of your system hardware, software and storage configuration.

More info at



Re: Tru64 utility port to VMS

There used to be a tool called "cnf" that was part of the ASE environment (a superset of DSNlink) that could create a _very_ nice and indepth picture ( in PostScript, that was quite useful in the days of Display PostScript)of your VMS environment, it was also part of DASC that preceeded RCM. Unfortunatly "cnf" never made the transition from VAX to Alpha.

Maybe someone at HP can revive(sp?) it?

Isn't every computer a Digital computer?