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Re: UPDATE-V1400 and TZ-V0300

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UPDATE-V1400 and TZ-V0300

Does the UPDATE-V1400 patch reapply the TZ-V0300 patch? The UPDATE patch references the TZ patch, which had special instructions about having to run UTC$TIME_SETUP. UPDATE-V1300 had the TZ patch as well, so I was wondering if I still needed to run UTC$TIME_SETUP. I don't want to have suprises in March, when the time changes.
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Re: UPDATE-V1400 and TZ-V0300

The information should be in the notes that come with the update. If not too long ago, the ECO master lsit would tell you what patches are in this UPDATE as well.
If you already applied the TZ patch, it's a non-issue (normnally) to install the UPDATE. The installation procedure will notive the TZ patch was applied already and ignore the same files in UPDATE.
Willem Grooters
OpenVMS Developer & System Manager
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Re: UPDATE-V1400 and TZ-V0300

After applying update v14 at our site, we did not have to re-run the UTC$TIME_SETUP procedure.

You can easily check/verify this by running:

$@sys$manager:utc$time_setup show
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Re: UPDATE-V1400 and TZ-V0300

Thanks for the responses. I'm still nervous about the time change, since we had an issue last year.
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Re: UPDATE-V1400 and TZ-V0300

According to the release notes, the TZ-V0300 patch was applied with the VMS 7.3-2 Update-V1300 patch. This only creates an issue with your UTC settings if you were using Option 1 the GMT- or GMTPLUS setting. It doesn't appear that any other settings were effected. My settings for US Eastern were not effected.

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