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Unable to Access CDD from own VMS username

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Unable to Access CDD from own VMS username

Hi All,

Need help on the below and appriciate if any one can help.

Since 2 weeks i am unable to acess DTR with our own VMS account. My vms account username is "nagams" and i am having all the pricileges and access , but i am still unable to acess the DTR and getting the following error message.

RYEID1:nagams_RYE> dtr
Digital Query and Report System
Type HELP for help
DTR> ready imf sh re
%CDD-F-NOATTACH, unable to attach to dictionary database
-RDB-F-SYS_REQUEST, error from system services request
-SYSTEM-E-USERDISABLED, account is disabled
Starting a new CDD stream
DTR> exit
RYEID1:nagams_RYE> lo

I accessed DTR in the last week of december, but from the past 2 weeks i am getting the following error.


Few additional details

I am getting this error on my development server ID1 which is Integrity rx2800 i2 server and the HP OpenVMS v8.4 operating system is installed on this

The CDD version on my dev system is ORCL I64VMS CDD V7.2-20 Transition Installed

Thanks in advance.