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Re: Unable to Grant Identifier

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Unable to Grant Identifier

Hello, there was a similar issue in an older thread, but it did not help in my situation. So here is my problem:

I need to add a user to the system and grant them an identifier. The identifier exists on the system already and is used by many people on the system with no issues. When I try to create a user with a unique UIC, I receive the following error:

%UAF-I-ADDMSG, user record successfully added
%UAF-E-RDBADDERRU, unable to add U123456 value [000205,000515] to rights database
-SYSTEM-F-DUPLNAM, duplicate name

So you can see the user was successfully added. I can issue a MCR AUTHORIZE SHO U123456, and get information for that 1 user. I can also show MCR AUTHORIZE SHOW [205,515] and also get 1 user (same user). Do there are no duplicates. I have even tried to delete the account and readd using a new UIC (unique of course). Since the account was created, I also added the identifier to their account, MCR AUTHORIZE GRANT/IDENT VISTA$USER, and that said it was successful. HOwever when I look at their account, the Identifier does not show up, and when they log in, the identifier does not work correctly. If anyone has any suggestions to troubleshoot, I am completely open. Thanks!!!
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Re: Unable to Grant Identifier

Identifiers are confusing. There are several ranges of these. There are the identifiers associated with UICs, which is what you're looking at here. There are identifiers which are user-created and that are granted to users (or to subsystems). There are various other sorts and ranges, as well.

You won't see a UIC identifier granted to a user with a matching UIC, but the user (because of the UIC) matches; the access should be granted. (See if the alphanumeric identifier string shows in the UIC field of U123456, and run some basic tests with ACLs.)

You can and would see a user-created identifier granted (and I prefer to avoid using UIC identifiers for this purpose) to other users.

Personally, I'd look to move U123456 into a user-created identifier range, and leave the UICs for use as UICs.

I've posted up some acl_scrub.zip code a while back which might be worth a look for this stuff, too.

And do read the Security Manual here around identifiers and ACLs. This stuff can be massively confusing, and the manual (and a few of the presentations around) do a reasonable job of describing what you're dealing with.

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Re: Unable to Grant Identifier

The identifier U123456 is already in use (most likely assigned to a different UIC). To check what UIC it's assigned to, do a:

UAF> SHOW /ID U123456

You have two choices... use another "user name" for the UIC [205,515], or remove the identifier U123456 from its currently assigned UIC (REMOVE/IDENTIFIER) then add that identifier to the UIC [205,515] using ADD/IDENTIFER/VALUE=UIC:[205,515] U123456.

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Re: Unable to Grant Identifier

Hoff, thanks for the great information. I will definately read up more on what you have.

EdgarZamora - Your answer successfully solved my issue.

I am closing this thread.