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Update on the OpenVMS Advanced Technical Boot Camp in June


Update on the OpenVMS Advanced Technical Boot Camp in June

The purpose of this message is to provide an update on the boot camp.
Additionally I am getting about ten messages a day which I am answering
one at a time ;')

Basic Information
Date: June 5-10 2005
Location: Sheraton Hotel Nashua NH, USA
Cost: $1295.00

The boot camp will start on Sunday afternoon June 5th and end Friday
June 10th at noon. The date is firm.

YOU CAN NOT REGISTER YET, but thanks for asking.

Cost is $1295.00 and that is for everyone (Customers, Partners, HP
folks). Its not that I do not appreciate your new and innovative
suggestions about how you can get your registration for free, but it's
the same for everyone. In addition to the event, the registration also
covers breakfast and lunch Monday thru Friday and breaks and probably a
few dinners. The cost of the hotel room is either is $1 02 or $104 a
night which includes unlimited internet access from the hotel room. If
possible the best airport for traveling into is Manchester NH (30
minutes away and very easy to get to) second best and pretty much the
only option for international travel is Boston MA. Please keep in mind
even for domestic travel Boston may be cheaper (usually).

I am currently working with Warren Sander to have the Call for
Participation (CFP) form on line for speakers to submit their topics,
soon. There are a couple of changes that I am looking at (not
confirmed, just looking at) An executive keynote in the AM and a
technical keynote in the PM. We are still planning on an Engineers
roundhouse one evening and a Partners roundhouse another evening also I
am thinking about having something else less formal one evening.

We are working with the HP certification group to provide on site VMS
Certification testing this is not firm but we are working on it.

Registration will be limited for this event.

Core team to date (which means I have already talked to them about this)

Kathy Coan - Anything to do with logistics, hotel, meals, special needs

Warren Sander will be working all web issues and there are number of
them including everything external facing and onsite/post event
presentations on the web.

Stacie Hemann is working registration and to tell the truth she is ready
to go, but I am holding her back until we have more of an agenda.

Tom Moran will be taking the lead for Network and hardware

Kevin StGeorge Technical Logistics

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send me email.

Warm Regards as always,
Sue Skonetski
VATBC Program Manager