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Upgrade software license

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Upgrade software license


we have an dw-motif software license certificate for a vaxstation, it's for vax-arquitecture only, but we don't need such software license.

We need an dw-motif software license for an Alpha ES40, and we don't know if we can upgrade the license we have for vax or we need to buy a new license.

Anyone know's about that? it's possible to do an software license upgrade with low cost?

Thank you,


John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrade software license


For a definitive answer, valid in your geography, you need to speak to your HP Sales rep.

These days motif is usually licensed with the operating system, so if you have a valid OpenVMS base license, you should have a mofit license as well.

There are (were?) license upgrades to Integrity, free if you have a service contract, and you were going to decommission the system the tradin license came from, but I don't know if they're still on offer, or if they're valid from VAX to Alpha.

Please contact HP
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Re: Upgrade software license

Thank you John.

So, we'll contact with HP.