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Upgrading VMS 7.3-2 to 8.3

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Upgrading VMS 7.3-2 to 8.3

I am about to start an upgrade of our uat server (DS20E VMS 7.3-2) to v8.3

Is there any specifics I should be aware of?
non problems difficulties that other people have encountered?


Bill Hall
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrading VMS 7.3-2 to 8.3

The following is a url to the "OpenVMS V8.3 Upgrade Checklist". It's a nice starting point that you can add your site and application specific upgrade notes to. It contains the highlights from the "Upgrade and Installation Manual".


Also remember you have three years worth of ECOs that have been released for V8.3. Download and add the install of at least all of the current level 1 ECOs to your plan. Review the level 2 and 3 that may apply to your environment and consider installing those as part of the upgrade also.

Bill Hall
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrading VMS 7.3-2 to 8.3

Read the release notes and read the new features manuals for the releases.

Review the ECO lists for V8.3.

Review the product version requirements for what products you use.

Have a BACKUP /IMAGE made off-line, and a recovery strategy should the upgrade or the hardware fail.

If there were endemic problems with a release, they'd tend to be configuration-specific and thus not easy to identify in general, or they'd tend to be documented, or the problems would have been fixed; this particularly given that OpenVMS Alpha V8.3 is around three years old.