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Re: Upgrading VMS OS version

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Upgrading VMS OS version

Hi All,

I am in a process of upgrading VMS OS version from 7.3-2  to VMS OS 8.2.   Can anyone suggest me what impact can it have?

sandy test
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Re: Upgrading VMS OS version

We upgraded from 7.3-2 to 8.4 on an alpha server ds25 about 8 months ago. The actual upgrade took less than an hour.

We also installed the latest cummutive patch + a few others (with several reboots in the middle).

There was little impact in our case. We did have to increase ws and buffers for the user accounts however.

Good luck


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Re: Upgrading VMS OS version

 V8.2 is not a currently supported version, I would suggest the upgrade be to V8.4.  This is a supported upgrade path.

Assuming that you have the upgrade kit, the upgrade instructions are listed in the installation manual.  If you do not have the manual, it is available online.    Folow the upgrade instructions, and you should not have any problems.  Should problems arise, please post them here with as many details as possible and help will be provided.