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User Quota's


User Quota's

This is probably a stupid question. How do you modify quotas on user accounts? The help inside UAF> did not help…

UAF> help modify
did not find anything that helped understand quot
Andy Bustamante
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Re: User Quota's

You're in the right place, the help for authorize will tell you what each quota is and what the defaults are, but could take a while to go over. Chapter 7 of the System Managers Manual vol 1 has a table defining quotas and provides some additional detail on managing users.

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Re: User Quota's

help mod in sysuaf see you all quotas & parameters. Any specific value has help; e.g. if you type help mod /BIOL you can read:


Specifies a buffered I/O count limit for the BIOLM field of the UAF record. The buffered I/O count limit is the maximum number of buffered I/O operations, such as terminal I/O, that can be outstanding at one time. The default is 40 on VAX systems and 150 on Alpha systems.

If you need a global view click on link of previous post.

Antonio Vigliotti
Antonio Maria Vigliotti

Re: User Quota's

Good Morning Bill,

You did not specifically state whether you wanted to increase a user-account, or if wished to limit a specific user. The basic command(s) that you would invoke while in sysuaf-- "UAF> MODIFY SMITH/FILLM=64" (no quotes,)would be the same, but the action may not take the desired effect.

In the previous example of the fillm (open file limit) quota, the value of 64 may be over-ridden by one of the Sysgen-Parameters PQL_MFILLM. Basically, any of the user-acct quotas in sysuaf.dat are checked against the PQL_Mxxxxxx values in Sysgen. The "M" after the "underscore" (PQL_) specifies Minimum. If the minimum value specified in Sysgen is greater than the entry in SYSUAF, then the user-job will receive the SYSGEN value, instead of the SYSUAF entry.

Basically, if you wanted to limit the user SMITH to a FILLM value of 64, the preceding command (UAF> MODIFY SMITH/FILLM=64) will do trick; as long as the Sysgen-Parameter PQL_MFILLM is less than 64. If however, the Sysgen-Parameter PQL_MFILLM = 100, then all user-accounts on the system will have a minimum value of 100.

OVMS initially utilizes the PQL_Mxxxxx and the PQL_Dxxxxx parameters during user-process creation in a temporary data-structure known as the PQB. These entries in the Process-Quota-Block are then compared to the Sysuaf-Entries for the user-account. If there is no corresponding User-Account/UIC for the newly created process (CREPRC) then the PQL values will be tranferred to the JIB, PCB, and PHD data-structrures.

If there is a corresponding Sysuaf-Entry, then the OS will compare the PQL_Mxxxxx values in the PQB to the entries in Sysuaf, and insert the higher/greater value of either the PQL_Mxxxxx or Sysuaf. Basically the OS wants to make sure that if the System Manager had specified at a system-wide level via SYSGEN, a minimum value for "all" user-accounts, (via PQL_Mxxxxx)then it will not use a lower setting in SYSUAF.

If however, you wish to increase a specific user-account's value such as the number of Direct-I/O's; eg. UAF> MODIFY SMITH/DIOLM=80 would increase the setting to 80, given the default value of only 32 for PQL_MDIOLM in Sysgen.

Also, one must take into consideration that many quotas are shared/pooled system-wide between a process and all of its sub-processes. "Typically" if the quota is indeed shared, the values are stored in the JIB data-structure. And, if the specific quota is not shared, these quotas are stored in the PCB and PHD data-structures.

If you discover that you have a user-process going in "RWJIB," then it is stalled in a Resource-Wait-State, due to insufficient SYSUAF-Quotas that are shared/pooled. But if the User-Process is in "RWAST", it is typically waiting for a Non-Pooled Quota.

By invoking the DCL-Command --
$show process/quota/id=aabbccdd you will see the remaining/available quotas for a given process.

Hope this helps, and that it wasn't too long or confusing...

Robert Gezelter
Honored Contributor

Re: User Quota's


Since I do not see that anybody has mentioned it, please remember that changes made to an account in AUTHORIZE DO NOT affect currently running processes.

LOGINOUT extracts data from the SYSUAF file during the login process, the values in the SYSUAF file are combined with the system minimums.

If the user account that has been updated is currently logged in, the changes will only take effect when they log out and log back in.

- Bob Gezelter,
Trusted Contributor

Re: User Quota's


mod user/quota= quota
for exampel
mod smith /wsquota = 32900

Now to complicate matters,
if the
sysgen M parameters are larger
if will use them instead.

mcr sysgen

sho /pql

will show them all.

You can do a help in UAF.
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Re: User Quota's

It might also help to say what problem you are trying to solve. Then we can focus.
Garry Fruth
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Re: User Quota's

In the off chance that you are talking about disk space quotas, you may need to use the diskquota utility. See the "System Management Utilities Reference Manual" Chapter 20:
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Re: User Quota's

It would be nice if the originator gave us a response.

Then we can focus our help.