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Re: Using MSA storage with OpenVMS

The Brit
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Using MSA storage with OpenVMS

Is anyone out there running an OpenVMS cluster with storage supplied
by an MSA2000(fc)??

We are considering this as an option for our disaster recovery sight
which will run a reduced cluster, (Nodes will be bl860c Itanium blades
in a c7000 enclosure.)     Connectivity will be via FC Switches, i.e.
The MSA will not be directly attached to the enclosure.


Just curious if anyone is prepared to share their experiences.    In


1.   Any problems presenting storage to OpenVMS?
2.   Any issues booting from an MSA lun??
3.   Any problems presenting to multible hosts,
4.   etc.




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Re: Using MSA storage with OpenVMS

There's a whole zoo of MSA2000 widgets around.


MSA200fc G2 does have OpenVMS support, per the QuickSpecs:




Here is how to create LUNs with "OpenVms" [sic] on the MSA2000:




Ensure current firmware, Fibre Channel SCSI patches, and the usual suspects, etc.


And given this is for DT, test it all end-to-end, at least before the D arrives that needs the T'ing.

Kris Clippeleyr
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Re: Using MSA storage with OpenVMS


We're using a 2-node rx2660-based cluster with an MSA2000 (MSA2312FC, HP 8/8 SANSWITCH). The rx2660 have 2 4Gb Fiber controllers (AB378B).

The cluster has been built in March 2010. No (severe) problems encountered yet.

It runs OpenVMS I64 V8.3-1h1.

The MSA & SAN-switches can easily be managed via the web-interface.


Kris Clippeleyr (aka Qkcl)

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