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Using WSIT with ACMS/OpenVMS

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Using WSIT with ACMS/OpenVMS

Using WSIT with ACMS/OpenVMS

We are investigating the use of WSIT (Web Services Integration Toolkit for OpenVMS) on Apache to expose our legacy ACMS application.

We have already understood how to create the ACMS task javabean (ie. STDL-> IDL -> javabean). However, it is not clear to us how to expose the resulting javabean as a Web Service.

Does anyone have an example of how one uses WSIT with ACMS end-to-end with Apache?


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Re: Using WSIT with ACMS/OpenVMS


From what you did so far, next steps would be
1. Review and Validate the IDL file
2. Generate the WSIT server interface wrapper and WSIT Javabean
3. Call the generated WSIT Javabean from Apache

Refer following document for the details

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Re: Using WSIT with ACMS/OpenVMS

Hello Ariel,

Your next step would be to develop a web service and have it call your WSIT generated javabean. To create a web service with apache you will need to download two products 1)Tomcat and 2)SOAP Toolkit. They can both be found at the url:

If you are new to web services or the SOAP toolkit I suggest you read the short documentation for the Axis product (which the SOAP Tookit is based on). That url is: http://ws.apache.org/axis/java/user-guide.html#PublishingWebServicesWithAxis

I've atatched a jar file that contains a tutorial for creating a simple java web service on OpenVMS and calling it from different clients such as a java client, a Microsft .NET C# client and a PDA.

If/when you have questions please feel free to send me email at davidjsullivan@hp.com