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VMS 8.3 cd


VMS 8.3 cd

How would I go about getting a VMS 8.3 for Alpha cd??
I do receive all the VMS 8.3 qtrly software product updates but I need to upgrade my 7.32 boxes to 8.3.
We buy our license via the UT school system, they in turn send me the (license file) but no CD with 8.3.

Please advice,

Honored Contributor

Re: VMS 8.3 cd

The folks that manage the license PAKs for you would acquire the disks for you.

AFAIK, HP does not offer on-line purchase.

If you have a software support contract, you should be able to download kits using FTP. As the folks that manage your contracts and licenses for assistance here; they should have information on the FTP server and the required access password.

If you want to go directly at this disk order, you would get the product part number from the Software Product Description here:

and to then contact your preferred HP reseller or HP representative.

The alternative is to rattle around over in the Configuration and Purchasing link in the left navigation at the OpenVMS website here:

Based on feedback I've heard from folks that have tried the various paths, I'd personally not tend to try the How To Buy link at the top of the OpenVMS web page.

Traditionally, the OpenVMS Alpha part number has been QAâ MT1AAâ H8, and you get the most current version when you order it.

Re: VMS 8.3 cd

Thanks for your response.

It just seems hard to get of hold of such cd.
I've contacted our reseller and UT systems to see if they can assist me.

Thanks again,

Steven Schweda
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Re: VMS 8.3 cd

If you can make a CD-R/RW disc, it's possible
to download a kit. For details, send e-mail
to sms@antinode-org (more or less).