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VMS Batch job info required

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VMS Batch job info required

Hi All,

I need some information on the following problem -

We are doing a spawn command from a Uniface program. This activates a script which has to run another uniface session (spawn command should run in asynchronous mode, because the sub-process which i want to run has to run separtely to my current uniface session).

The command i use is like -
spawn PIPE (eup_bat params.......)&

But this doesnt work i.e. the control doesnt go to the script being called.

But if i run the same command written above from the command line. It works properly and another uniface session is activated in batch mode.

Some experts told me -
that Uniface creates a process without DCL environment.

Could some one please let me know what does it mean when we say uniface creates a process w/o a DCL environment?

Thanks and Regards,
Jan van den Ende
Honored Contributor

Re: VMS Batch job info required


SPAWN can use the /NOWAIT qualifier.
Now the control STAYS with the SPAWNed command.
If you do NOT give this qualifier, control passes to the subprocess until that finishes,
and the parent process waits for that event.

If you use the /NOWAIT you also get a message about the name of the created subprocess.
You can switch control by



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