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VMS Cluster

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Winfried Wetzel
Occasional Contributor

VMS Cluster

how can i give Client in a VMS Cluster a own systemdisk, without leaving the cluster?
Åge Rønning
Trusted Contributor

Re: VMS Cluster

If you with Client mean a Satellite node booting over the network this might help:

A reboot is necessary to switch to local system disk, if you call that leaving the cluster.

Just set Cluster parameters and copy sys$system:cluster_authorize.dat from the cluster. This file contains cluster group number and password that will make the node member of the cluster if cluster parameters are set.
Parameters could be set by using sys$ or manually put them into sys$system:modparams.dat and run AUTOGEN.
VMS Forever
Willem Grooters
Honored Contributor

Re: VMS Cluster

Next is purely based on deduction, based on what I know of setting upo a cluster. I've never tried this.
I may be wrong in SRM names but you'll grep the meaning if you take a look.
Having said this:

Suppose DSA100 is your (cluster) disk, and your client boots from [SYS1], you will normally boot:

os_flags = (1,0) --> will boot from SYS1
boot_dev = DSA100 --> will boot from DSA100

will actually be:
>>>boot flags=(1,0) DSA100

Now, make a image backup of this disk, assume DSA200.

After creating DSA200 - the new systemdisk -
shutdown this client, and to test it:

>>>boot DSA200

of change boot_dev to DSA200.

You _may_ remove all [SYS?] directories but the one you want to boot from, and change the save one to [sys0] but you'll need to change OS-FLAGS accordingly.

Willem Grooters
OpenVMS Developer & System Manager
Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: VMS Cluster

recent SYS$MANAGER:CLUSTER_CONFIG.COM have option to create duplicate system disk.
Or you do VMS installation on local disk in client, copy CLUSTER_AUTHORIZE.DAT to client system disk, set system params on new client disk (copy from previos system specific area).
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