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VMS Comands

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VMS Comands

Hi All,

I am working in VMS operating system and it is new for me. Can anyone upload all the VMS commands so that i can learn and work. I find all the genius people on VMS in this forum..

I also tried by searching in google. but, it has only the basic commands.
Example :

John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: VMS Comands

Huh? I don't know what you mean by "upload all the commands"? Have you tried:


OpenVMS Documentation can be found at

Try the Users Guide

or DCL Dictionary
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Shriniketan Bhagwat
Trusted Contributor

Re: VMS Comands


As John said online help ($ HELP) is the best place to get the information about all the commands. Refer the qualifiers and examples for the commands in the online help which explains how to use them.


Peter Zeiszler
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Re: VMS Comands

If you are familiar with Unix commands then do a google search of "Unix to VMS commands".

The other entries above about using documentation and HELP are the key things and you should do those.
Honored Contributor

Re: VMS Comands

The manual you want to start with is the OpenVMS User's Guide:

You'll be able to carry over nearly ZERO of what you know about Unix and its shells, or about Windows and its shells.

Absolutely and completely and totally forget what you know about the commands, syntax, norms and construction of other platforms.

That path leads only to pain and suffering and frustration.

DCL is entirely different from the Unix shells, and from Window's DOS and PowerShell shells.

As is VMS itself.

You're in a whole new world.

You need to start with the User's Guide, then either the Programming Concepts and/or the System Manager's manuals, and the DCL Dictionary and related reference materials. The manuals are all here:
John McL
Trusted Contributor

Re: VMS Comands

Try $ HELP Hints

and then select a topic if you want to get a list of related commands.
P Muralidhar Kini
Honored Contributor

Re: VMS Comands


Refer the following link -
* HP OpenVMS DCL Dictionary
* OpenVMS User's Manual
* HP OpenVMS Programming Concepts Manual

This above link has both HTML as well as PDF options.
You can refer other documents in the site as need arises.

* OpenVMS beginner's FAQ

You can also refer the DCL help for a VMS command. They have examples
also which you can refer.

As John has mentioned, if you want to explore the DCL help then you can
start with

Hope this helps.

Let There Be Rock - AC/DC

Re: VMS Comands

Hi All,

thanks for your valuable information.
I am new to VMS and i am keen on etting good knowledge. thats the reason i asked the commands list. thanks anyways.