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VMS JUMP V6.1 -- New version, new features


VMS JUMP V6.1 -- New version, new features

I have just released JUMP V6.1 2012-02-03 (03-Feb-2012).


JUMP is an OpenVMS system management tool that allows a user to login as a different user without a password ... and much more!


This new version has substantial changes from the previous version, V5.0, which was released many years ago. JUMP V6.1 retains all the previous features, including ready-to-use on VAX, Alpha and Integrity, but also includes some exciting new capabilities.




  • Allows a user to login exactly as another user without a password ("exact" jumps) using a detached process running as the target user
  • Also allows a more restricted ("non-exact") impersonation of another user within the calling user's process
  • Supports VAX, Alpha and Integrity architectures and versions of OpenVMS from V7 onwards
  • Contains pre-compiled object files and pre-linked executables - no compiler required (but the source is also provided)
  • Highly secure with many powerful features and flexible configuration options
  • Many security checks to ensure unauthorised usage and access is prevented
  • Allows usage to be restricted to specific categories of defined users: Systems Programmers, Operators and any other specifically authorised users, regardless of user privileges or rights
  • Fine-grained access specifications - access is validated to determine any specific access to be granted or denied in addition to any default access
  • Many options for security monitoring of exact jumps
  • Secure logging of all actions in exact jump sessions, if required
  • An audit record of every jump (exact and non-exact) is kept in an audit trail
  • Real-time notification of exact jumps to OPCOM and specified users, if desired
  • Supports external authentication (e.g. LDAP) as well as native OpenVMS authentication
  • Single Command Mode permits a single DCL command to be executed in the target user's environment. A variety of usages is possible:
  • -- Discretionary, where a user can simply supply a single command
  • -- Forced, where Single Command Mode is mandatory, but the command can be any command of the user's choosing
  • -- Forced with mandatory System-Manager-specified commands, allowing the creation of temporary captive environments without the need for a CAPTIVE account
  • -- Up to 1024 different single commands can be defined and used to enable tightly controlled command execution
  • -- Users can be given access to only one single command or a selection of single commands for different purposes
  • -- Commands can be any valid DCL command, including execution of command procedures and symbols defined in the target user's environment
  • -- Ideal for controlled execution of sensitive or restricted activities, based on System-Manager-defined access rules and commands
  • An example STARTUP file is available to allow JUMP to be started during system startup
  • The JUMP help library entry is available through the program, if desired
  • ... and much more!

Please ensure you read the DEVELOPER NOTES file. Thanks.


JUMP is available here:








I hope you find it useful.


Thanks for your continuing support of OpenVMS and VMS JUMP.




Jeremy Begg
Trusted Contributor

Re: VMS JUMP V6.1 -- New version, new features

Thanks Jonathan! I use JUMP a lot when supporting my customers so I'll check out the new version.

Note that it can also be downloaded from my Austrlian mirror site


Jeremy Begg