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VMS Software, Inc. Launches New Version 8.4-2 of OpenVMS Operating System Worldwide

Maurizio De Tommaso_
Valued Contributor

VMS Software, Inc. Launches New Version 8.4-2 of OpenVMS Operating System Worldwide

VMS Software, Inc. Launches New Version of OpenVMS Operating System Worldwide Second Release of OpenVMS

BOLTON, MA, March 22, 2016 – VMS Software, Inc. (VSI) today announced the worldwide availability of VSI OpenVMS Version 8.4-2 (Maynard Release) operating system (OS) for HPE Integrity servers. The Maynard Release is the second by VSI. The new OS is compatible with HPE Integrity servers running the latest Intel® Itanium® 9500 series processor, as well as most prior generations of the Itanium processor family. 

VSI also reconfirmed plans to offer OpenVMS on x86-based servers.

This second release reaffirms our long-term commitment to the OpenVMS platform, and builds upon our highly successful first release of OpenVMS in June of 2015,” said Duane P. Harris, CEO of VMS Software. “It is the first of many exciting improvements planned for OpenVMS, including future updates to the file system, TCP/IP, and other major improvements that we look forward to sharing with our customers as we work our way through the planned roadmap.”

(Roadmap: http://vmssoftware.com/products.html#roadmap)

OpenVMS is the platform of choice for customers in the mission critical market, with legendary security, stability, and uptime performance. The 8.4-2 release includes the following major updates:

  • Increased software/hardware scaling — with full BL890 support
  • Updated system firmware with UEFI 2.3 support
  • New virtual device support
  • Enhanced backup performance
  • Increased system performance and stability
  • Simplified external authentication

Product details for Version 8.4-2 and its open source and layered products updates can be found on SI’s product page: http://vmssoftware.com/products.html#current

VSI OpenVMS Version 8.4-2 is available for sale immediately from VSI (sales@vmssoftware.com), and ill be available for sale from resellers on March 31, 2016. Because the latest U1100 patch kit is ncluded in VSI’s 8.4-2 release, customers can upgrade with full confidence that their current environment is fully compatible.

In addition to updating the operating system, VSI is deeply committed to sustaining a vigorous network of independent software vendors (ISVs). VSI has recruited key ISV partners, including 43 partners in the last month alone. Our ISVs develop mission critical applications for key verticals, including medical, publishing, process control, manufacturing, financial, education, communications, government, and gaming. Examples of these solutions include applications for security, databases, web, email, archiving & storage, DevOps, system management, and legal.


About VMS Software

VMS Software, Inc. develops, sells and supports innovative and advanced releases of OpenVMS, the most secure operating system on the planet. The company’s core motivation is to support and enable customers to run their mission critical applications at the legendary uptime levels OpenVMS is known for, at maximum performance levels, today and into the future. VMS Software Inc. is headquartered in

Bolton, MA. For more information, go to http://www.vmssoftware.com


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Maurizio De Tommaso_
Valued Contributor

Re: VMS Software, Inc. Launches New Version 8.4-2 of OpenVMS Operating System Worldwide

Source : VSI website and V8.4-2 documentation.

In true OpenVMS tradition, the latest release of OpenVMS Version 8.4-2 (Code Name Maynard)  is:

  • Fully binary compatible with Bolton 8.4-1H1 and prior versions, such as HPE's version 8.4
  • Rigorously and fully regression tested
  • Field tested with end customers and partners
  • Updated to include more software component and full support for HPE Integrity BL890c blade servers.

With the release of Version 8.4-2, OpenVMS will support more cores (64) and memory (1.5TB) than ever before. Furthermore, Maynard supports HPE's latest U1100 patch kit for version 8.4, allowing customers to upgrade from 8.4 to Maynard with full confidence that their current environment is fully compatible with Maynard.

In addition to the core operating system, VSI has also included the following open source applications on the OE DVD:

  • Apache 2.4.12
  • PHP V5.2-17A
  • JAVA V7.0-29B


The following open source updates are available separately.

  • Ruby 2.2.2
  • Python 3.5.0
  • Erlang 16A
  • Subversion 1.8.13
  • Git
  • R 3.2.3
  • ZeroMQ 4.1.2
  • ActiveMQ 5.10.0
  • Lua 5.2.3
  • The Mosquitto MQTT broker 1.3.5
  • The Paho-C MQTT client API 1.0.3
  • GNU Plot


OpenVMS V8.4-2 provides support for:

  • 64 core support for BL890c i4 (with hyperthreads off)
  • 1.5 TB memory support
  • AUTOGEN (large memory)
  • UEFI 2.3
  • Network boot on Blades
  • rx7640 and rx8640 
  • LDDRIVER 9.7
  • Latest Time Zone Definitions
  • I18N (for localized language support)



  • More alignment faults eliminated
  • Tunable BACKUP Compression