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Re: VMS/openVMS future ????

New Member

VMS/openVMS future ????

Hi everybody


i am new to this technology.

I want to know what is the future of vms and allied technology...

Also can anyone gaive me detils which IT companies(India) are currently working on VMS..

Plz help me in this regard....


Hoping for a quick response...


John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: VMS/openVMS future ????

Future? Given the level of support for OpenVMS demonstrated by HP, the best I can say is "don't give up your day job".


There are still some people depending on OpenVMS, but I doubt very much the number is increasing. My guess is it will continue to fade away as old hardware fails. Maybe another decade (or two if you're really optimistic)?


For a list of companies, ask HP marketing (it would be amusing to see if they can even spell OpenVMS ;-)



It's unfortunate, but that's the way it is (IMHO).


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Neelmani Pandey
Frequent Advisor

Re: VMS/openVMS future ????

I would like add a stuff if you will learn VMS whole heartedly , you would lay down a sharp way towards learning other OS.


As far as my Opinion VMS could improve your conceptual knowledge..


Rest HP has ported this to Itanium and see thr roadmap and be positive..

Peter Barkas
Regular Advisor

Re: VMS/openVMS future ????

OpenVMS future? Decline, decay, disuse.


HP future? Decline, decay, disuse.