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VMS printing to HP Laserjet 2600N

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VMS printing to HP Laserjet 2600N


Would anybody able to confirm if HP Laserjet 2600N supports host-based printing on OpenVMS 7.3-2 or higher?

Thanks very much in advance.

Heinz W Genhart
Honored Contributor

Re: VMS printing to HP Laserjet 2600N

Hi cbkteam1

I don't know the Laserjet 2600N, but I would assume that you are able to print to it. You could use DCPS or LPD to configure the Printerqueu. I would try to print to port 9100.

Hope that gives you an idea



Re: VMS printing to HP Laserjet 2600N

I submitted an ASCII print job, but nothing comes out of the printer.
Honored Contributor

Re: VMS printing to HP Laserjet 2600N

While you haven't included enough detail around your local system and network and queue configuration for a meaningful response here, this printer requires the host drive the imaging process, and OpenVMS isn't set up for that task.

In particular, the following really reduces the value of the LaserJet 2600n series within this configuration: "Host-based (uses the processing power and resources of your computer to process the print job. No PCL or PostScript)".

AFAIK, this printer is not supported by HP for use with OpenVMS, and I don't see it listed in the DECprint Services (DCPS) device listings. Per the HP docs, Windows or some ancient G-class Macs appear to be the only hosts.

You might get it to work by -- and I almost never recommend this configuration -- connecting it behind a Microsoft Windows system, and routing your printing traffic through that. I generally prefer direct network-based printing, but this one doesn't offer that.

If I had the option to replace this printer with one featuring at least PCL and preferably PCL and Postscript emulation, I would take that approach.

Stephen Hoffman
HoffmanLabs LLC
Respected Contributor

Re: VMS printing to HP Laserjet 2600N