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VMS732_LAN-V0500 and LAN failover

Jerry Eckert

VMS732_LAN-V0500 and LAN failover

The documentation for the VMS732_LAN-V0500 patch is missing a crucial instruction: if you are using the LAN failover feature, the LANCP device database must be converted (MC LANCP CONVERT DEVICE) after installing the patch.

If this isn't done, the LL devices will be configured but not active after the system is rebooted. LANCP does not generate any warnings that the database requires conversion unless you attempt to modify an entry; the SHOW DEV command functions normally.

Also, be aware that the information about the state of the failover set (which physical devices are included and which is active) has been moved from SHOW DEV LLA/CHAR to SHOW DEV LLA/INT.

A case has been opened with HP and escalated to Engineering.


Mike Smith_33
Super Advisor

Re: VMS732_LAN-V0500 and LAN failover

Thanks for posting that Jerry!