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Virtual Device License

Sumant M Kumar
Frequent Advisor

Virtual Device License

Hi VMS Experts,
Do you know if there is any free license for Virtual Media access for rx6600 Integrity hardware.Actually this system is test node and I got all free license from Decus US except Virtual Meida.Please help me so that I can install few vms utilities remotely for learning purpose else everytime I need to go phyically there to access CD-ROM/DVD.

Sumant M Kumar
Colin Butcher
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Virtual Device License

Is this your own personal rx6600 system at home for use as a hobbyist? If not, then you should NOT be using the "free licence from DECUS US". As far as I know, that's illegal. It's also a bad thing to do because it brings the Hobbyist programme into disrepute and encourages companies like HP to clamp down on making things available to people through the User Group and other programmes.

If this a business system then you should be using real licences that your company has purchased. If your company is developing software and is eligible to join the HP Alliance One partner programme (formerly known as HP DSPP) then that is a cost-effective way to get OpenVMS (and other) licences and media kits.

The Integrity iLO advanced licence is what you need for Virtual Media. As far as I know it is not available through the Alliance One or Hobbyist programmes. You can purchase an iLO licence from an HP reseller.

Colin BUtcher (http://www.xdelta.co.uk).
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Ian Miller.
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Re: Virtual Device License

The iLO advanced pack part number is AD301A
and is required for virtual media access on this server.

Contact your nearest HP office or reseller.

The OpenVMS Hobbyist licence obtained via DECUS US or anywhere else is not for commercial development. If you are using this system for commercial software development or test then look at the AllianceOne programme (previously known as dspp - www.hp.com/go/dspp)
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