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Want to watch the World Series?

Richard J Maher
Trusted Contributor

Want to watch the World Series?


I know you're probably sick of hearing about IPsec with TCP/IP Services but time is of the essence here! I have it on good authority that it is currently being reviewed (yet again) and there is the tiniest window available for 8.4 qualification before the code is locked down. As suspected it would cost a lot more to unbundle the IPsec code than to certify it, so the code will be shipping with 8.4 regardless, but it's up to *you* whether it gets qualified and supported,

I also know a lot of you are "so very tired" and the Arne "Nurse Ratched" Vajhøjs of this world may have zapped your will for self-determination, but try to put your apathy behind you just one more time and vote to suspend our wretched existence in this VMS asylum backwater, and to join the rest of the world for just one more time! Please, please, please contact your HP/VMS rep and say "I want secure IP VPNs and the industry standard e-business infrastructure that IPsec brings." That's it - That's all you have to do! If you don't know who to e-mail (and you are a customer) then send it to me and I'll forward it on. Going to the Rdb Tech Forum in Sydney? Then why not make Matt Muggeridge's day by walking up and telling him that you did the right thing and voted for IPsec?

Maybe even some of you acutes out the back, or in Rdb/Engineering, can manage to just raise your hand? Secure your JDBC and ODBC connections? Want secure UDP as well? Want secure Tier3 without STUNNEL? Want Point A - Point B transparent mutual authentication and encryption? Want to consign SFTP, FTPS, SSH, and SSL to the fringe? Then just stick your bloody hand up!

For once let's try to be like everyone else, watch a game, sit in the sun, have a few beers - You can do it!

Regards Richard Maher

PS. Anybody got a new iPhone lately? Nice to have IPsec isn't it?