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Who to talk to at HP(E) about VMS licensing

Richard Jordan
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Who to talk to at HP(E) about VMS licensing

Asking here because all previous avenues to try and get this info dead-ended.  We are aware that the option of purchasing new licenses from VSI exists and we have quotes.  What we're trying to find out is if HP(E) still offers any trade-up migration path (for VMS licenses, not the hardware) for moving from Alpha to Integrity servers; they used to and we migrated three other sites in the past, but all our links, email addresses, etc that we worked with at the time are dead.

The Enterprise licensing page is broken; we were sent there by an authorized reseller who got the info from inside HPE after also dead-ending.  Email contacts and calls now go to Microfocus who disavows any info or access to OpenVMS despite the enterprise page listing it among the selections.  They said to talk to hardware support at HP (I think they meant HP(E)), who won't talk to us because we don't have a system under support.

So is there any pre-sales licensing support who can answer questions about any possible trade-up or migration path for OpenVMS Alpha to OpenVMS Integrity licenses?  With or without requirement for support renewal?  I figure they've got someone at a tiny desk in a closet with a broken phone and all the answers we need,  and we just have to find just the right weblink or phone number or email to reach them.





Re: Who to talk to at HP(E) about VMS licensing

Hello Rich,

Please try the below options

Americas : 
Call: +1 (800) 538 1733 (English, Spanish)
Hours: Mon to Fri 8am - 8pm US Eastern
Email: licensing.ams@hpe.com

Europe, Middle-East & Africa:
Call: +44 203 450 5383 (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian)
Hours: Mon to Fri 8am - 4pm GMT
Email: licensing.emea@hpe.com

Asia-Pacific & Japan :
Call Japan: +81-36-743-9679 (Japanese only)
Call China North: 10800 7440572 (Chinese, English)
Call China South: 10800 4400552 (Chinese, English)
Call: + 61 291 51 02 78 (English only)
Hours: Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm Tokyo Local Time
Email: licensing.apj@hpe.com

Also try the contacts from the https://vmssoftware.com/contact.html


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