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Window X/Y position on CREATE/TERM in Motif

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Daniel May
Occasional Visitor

Window X/Y position on CREATE/TERM in Motif

Hi all, 1st time post. This has been driving me nuts for awhile ...

I have an AlphaServer DS10, running V7.3. I'm trying to create DECTerms
from a .COM file using CREATE/TERM... command, but am having a hard time
forcing the X/Y position on the screen. The values I set for X_Position
and Y_Position are ignored, and the window comes up at the next "cascade"
position on the screen. Here is a sample DCL line.


I've never had a problem on my VAXstation 4000/60 (pre-Motif DECWindows)
using X_Position/Y_Position. I suspect there is some resource parameter
that has to be set up in my DECW$TERMINAL.DAT file, but I can't find it.

Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: Window X/Y position on CREATE/TERM in Motif

This is no real help, but on Alpha/V8.2 with Motif V1.5 it works as expected.

regards Kalle
Anton van Ruitenbeek
Trusted Contributor

Re: Window X/Y position on CREATE/TERM in Motif


Whe are using a sort of construction too, but since 7.2 (till now, 7.3-2 latest patches) it's working as expected. The only thing I'm not using is the font bit. Are you sure you have implemented the latest patches to it ?

Whe are using:
$ create/terminal/detach/input=<.com> -
/nobroadcast/little_font -
/window_attribute=(icon="monitor"/title="monitor" -
/x_position=100,y_position=100,colums=80, -

The display is mostly LAT, on a VXT2000. I've never done it on the current site on other displays. In my early days I've done it only with PC's using ReflectionX and Hummingbird but do not know or I used in those days the X_ and Y_ positions and if, if it displayed alright.

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Daniel May
Occasional Visitor

Re: Window X/Y position on CREATE/TERM in Motif

Kalle, AvR,

Sorry it took so long to reply (had to wait for my sys grp to upgrade my workstation).

I upgraded from VMS 7.3 to 7.3-2 to 8.2. This brought my Motif from 1.2-6 to 1.5. CREATE/TERM with a specific x_pos/y_pos now works correctly.

One thing that threw me off for awhile is that the X-Windows program DECW$UTILS:XWININFO.EXE (also found in Application Manager -> DECWindows Utilities as Window Information). The x/y displayed does NOT start with the upper-left window (border, window title, minimize/maximize buttons, ...), but with upper-left of the "File Edit Commands ..." box. Therefore, if I CREATE/TERM a window with x/y of 1/1, XWININFO shows (with my current settings) 7/24 (which is X+6, Y+23, 6/23 being the border/title sizes). Clicking-and-dragging the window shows the X/Y pos I care about (border/title).