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XPinfo for OVMS

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XPinfo for OVMS

Does anyone know if XPinfo is available for VMS and if so where can I download it from?

Many thanks.
Craig A Berry
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Re: XPinfo for OVMS

Not that I know of (though I've never particularly looked for it either). If it's what I think it is you may be able to get what you need with SHOW DEVICE or SHOW VOLUME. It would help to know what you are trying to do.
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Re: XPinfo for OVMS

Vms_check is a very good tool, see this article in the Openvms Technical Journal

Peter Zeiszler
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Re: XPinfo for OVMS

Show dev DG
The numbers are a correlation of the CU:LDEV. I use Excel to convert the numbers from the DGA device to the CU:LDEV.
Colums I use are:

A169 DGA Number location
=ROUNDDOWN(A169/256,0) CU value
=A169-(E169*256) LDEV value
=CONCATENATE(DEC2HEX(E169),":",DEC2HEX(F169)) = Cell C169

I am positive you can convert the values inside VMS in DCL, just haven't had time and usually my reports in Excel are good for the storage team. I easily import the data from VMS on one page and the data from the frame on another page. Then have the CU:LDEVs line up and compare on third page of report. I also report for multiple clusters and nodes. That way I have one huge report with everything.

I haven't found anything that can read the XP frame serial numbers - like xpinfo can provide.

Hope some of this helps.
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Re: XPinfo for OVMS

Consider asking HP support; they tend to have these sorts of maintenance tools around, and can know of analogs and approaches. Some of the storage arrays can be network accessible, for instance, and details can be visible via their MIBs.

As for this case, the undocumented sys$etc:scsi_info tool and mayhap cddvd /inquire tool can potentially read serial numbers.

Disks have an architected location for the serial number, though other locations can be implemented by a vendor. As for the array itself (if that has a serial number visible to something akin to xpinfo), I'd probably toss a SCSI command at the management device to try to pull in the controller serial number.

That assumes the serial number isn't (also) logged in the error log or FRU tables or such. (SDA> SHOW FRU, etc)