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Xming key map for EVE application keypad

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K Fam
Occasional Visitor

Xming key map for EVE application keypad

I've got Xming X windows running via SSH using Teraterm 4.6 to OpenVMS 7.3-2
However the TPU editor session cannot seem to use the EVE application keypad in Xming X-windows terminal even when a normal Teraterm session had no problems (the setup for the EVE key pad is defined in the sys$login area)

Any idea of how this can be resolved ?
There does not seem to be a problem with Kea-X.

John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: Xming key map for EVE application keypad

Hi Kim,

Is the emulator keypad defined to use VT220 keys by position or by name? I'm not familiar with Teraterm, but I'd expect it must have a way to configure the keyboard to be "true LK" layout vs "PC" layout.

I've attached a small program which echos the key sequences seen at your processs. Compare working and non-working connections, it may give a clue as to what's happening.

MACRO, LINK and RUN. Press keys to see the escape sequences. control characters are prefixed with "^", high characters with "~". End with ^Z

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Jeffrey Goodwin
Frequent Advisor

Re: Xming key map for EVE application keypad

Check out the excellent response by Bojan Nemec in this thread:


I only had to make minor changes to the xkb files to get it to work for me.

I start xming as so:

xming -multiwindow -ac -xkblayout us_vms -clipboard

Note: Xming reasserts the num-lock and a few other keys when switching between xming and PC applications. For VMS, this makes it look like PF1 is being pressed everytime the windows are changed. I ended up rebuilding xming after removing the code that did the reasserting. I also has to roll in quite a few clipboard patches to get the copy and paste to work reliably.


Verne Britton
Regular Advisor

Re: Xming key map for EVE application keypad

Dear Jeff,

is your enhanced xming and your working xkb file available for others ??

K Fam
Occasional Visitor

Re: Xming key map for EVE application keypad

Thanks Jeff,
Your hint was invaluable ! The structure of Xming under XP was little different and I only had to make a little change to
us_vms configuration
The contents:
// Setup the pc keyboard to looks like an LK keyboard
partial alphanumeric_keys modifier_keys
xkb_symbols "us_vms" {
include "us(basic)"
include "vms(vms)"
because of the slightly difference in the directory structure.

Now, in Xming DECterm session, the keys behave as expected in EVE editor.

Many thanks Jeff,

Kim Fam

Jeffrey Goodwin
Frequent Advisor

Re: Xming key map for EVE application keypad


I can supply the files, but I cannot attach the zip file due to it's size (2MB).


Re: Xming key map for EVE application keypad