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Yahoo Mail Personal Name Retreival using MAIL$MESSAGE_GET

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Dan Herron

Yahoo Mail Personal Name Retreival using MAIL$MESSAGE_GET

I am using MAIL$MESSAGE_GET to get mail messages out of my MAIL.MAI file and forward them on to other addresses based upon the subject and content of the message. I have noticed that when I send an email to OpenVMS from Yahoo the Yahoo personal name gets lost when using MAIL$MESSAGE_GET.

Yahoo personal name: "Dan Herron"
Yahoo email address: kitdeltick@yahoo.com

When I use MAIL$MESSAGE_GET to retreive the mail message info:

MAIL$_MESSAGE_FROM is set to SMTP%"kitdeltick@yahoo.com"

MAIL$_MESSAGE_SENDER is set to the same.

Is there no way to retrieve/retain the personal name?

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Re: Yahoo Mail Personal Name Retreival using MAIL$MESSAGE_GET

OpenVMS Mail itself doesn't know all that much about SMTP, just what the SMTP transport tells it about the message, and that is based on the transport-based decoding of the SMTP headers.

Have a look at the raw SMTP headers in the mail messages arriving from Yahoo; you'll probably end up scanning the raw text of the message to detect and resolve this, if a variant SMTP stack isn't an option here.

It can be feasible to scan the SMTP messages yourself. Ugly, and you'll get to deal with all that is ugly within SMTP, but at least you'll have control over the ugly.