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backup cutting

Occasional Contributor

backup cutting


I am using openvms v8.3 h1 installed in server rx7640 we are connecting scis tabe drive and evry day we take the backup , 

now the backup take arround 2 hours , before end of the backup the backup cut and retern to the shell $

the message of the end %LIB-F-NEGTIM, a negative time was computed,

we are tested the tabe drive and cable scis.


please any help to detect the issue.



Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: backup cutting

> [...] we take the backup

   How, exactly?  A BACKUP command?  A DCL script?

> the message of the end %LIB-F-NEGTIM, [...]

   Is that the _whole_ error message?  What, exactly, fails with that

Respected Contributor

Re: backup cutting

The explanation from the HELP/MESSAGE is:

The computed time was less than the system zero date (17-NOV-1858).

With that as a starting point, I would think that you have passed an invalid value as a time  offset.  Look at the procedure that is generating the backup command or the backup command itself.

If this occurred once only, did it happen during a time conversion say from standard time to or from daylight savings time?

As Steven stated, more information is required here for any reasonable explanation to be given.

Please post the command procedure used or at the very least the backup command that had the error reported.