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Re: certification!!!!!

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hi all,

i need to attend the exam for openvms certification.
if any one know about the certification details of openvms, please let me know.

thanks for your help in advance.

John Gillings
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Re: certification!!!!!


>if any one know about the certification
>details of openvms, please let me know.

Sure, I know the details.

What's to know? Book your exam with your local examination centre, attend and answer the questions using your knowledge of OpenVMS.

If you're asking for hints about the contents of the exam, or crib sheets, then you're in the wrong place.

The exams have been very carefully constructed so that, if you have experience and understanding of OpenVMS, you will pass, if you don't you will fail.

There are practice exams available if you look around, but they don't contain any questions from the exams themselves.
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Andy Bustamante
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Re: certification!!!!!

See HP's site at http://www.hp.com/go/certification. There may still be sample questions and a knowledge outline online. My student registration doesn't seem to work at the moment.

As a general rule, if you have experience with OpenVMS, you can pass the exam. More than one person became certified during a VMS Boot Camp with only experience for preparation.

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Art Wiens
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Re: certification!!!!!

If you happen to have an extra $7,000 kicking around, you can learn "everything" about OpenVMS in 10 days:


"This course is primarily designed to provide Customers, Presales Systems Engineers, Services Employees, and Selling Partners with short duration training to help them achieve hp OpenVMS certifications."

Exactly what you were looking for ;-)

Good luck,
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Re: certification!!!!!


Thanks for your immediate reply.
Really i appriciate you.
I don't want any question model or anything.
i am an vms application support person.
so i want to check my knowledge and skill levels.
this is the first i am going to start the exams in vms. what i am asking is for Eg- mainframe DB, ORACLE,JAVA certification like that.
so can any one clearly give the details of vms certification from starting level.
it's useful for me to do further.