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dec server 90L

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dec server 90L

i have to get the old dec server 90L conected to vms 7.3-2 removed and replaced by a terminal server. which terminal server is a better option for vms 7.3-2 to replace dec server 90L ?

Steven Schweda
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Re: dec server 90L

> i have to [...]

Why? An old DECserver 90L _is_ a terminal

> [...] better [...]

It depends. What was bad about the old one?
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Re: dec server 90L

Terminal servers are considered deprecated for most applications.

The best replacement is to entirely remove the requirement for serial terminal communications for all save tasks including process control or (where no iLO or LOM network console port is available) console access.

If you still need a DECserver, then use eBay or your local junk dealer or a local service that assists with site-local questions such as this one, and order whatever's cheapest that meets your particular site-specific and application-local requirements. Options and choices here are rather wider if you don't need LAT; if the application can use an IP terminal server.