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defining Netserver$Timeout for single non-privileged User

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Re: defining Netserver$Timeout for single non-privileged User

I don't think the logical name netserver$timeout needs to be defined /SYSTEM to be effective.

For years, I have had the following in my LOGIN.COM for network processes:


This has the desired effect; my network processes last 7 days.

I have just confirmed this behaviour on VMS 7.3 with DECnet-plus. My memory tells me it has worked the same way for a long time.

The NETSERVER.EXE code in DECnet phase IV just does a simple SYS$TRNLOG of NETSERVER$TIMEOUT with no special processing. It should find a /PROCESS logical name. I don't have easy access to a Phase IV node to confirm this.
Dale A. Marcy
Trusted Contributor

Re: defining Netserver$Timeout for single non-privileged User

jrd is correct. I work with Zeni the original poster and I just tested it on one of our systems running Phase IV and it worked. We had looked at the Netserver.com file and it appeared to only be looking for an EXEC mode logical in the job and system logical tables for the translation. For our problem, actually, we are going the opposite way that jrd was doing. Instead of a long timeout, we need to set it to 0 for a specific user, forcing them through the login sequence every time they connect. That is what I tested and it worked.