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hi (database error)

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hi (database error)

i am working in hp on ovms platform on aproduct called dec/edi and iam trying to build sap r/3 intergartor on ovms i am getting the following error regarding database

%SQL-F-ERRATTDEC, Error attaching to database DECEDI$R3_DB
-RDB-F-WRONG_ODS, the on-disk structure of the database file is not supported by this version
-RDMS-F-ROOTMAJVER, database format 70.1 is not compatible with software version 72.0

kindly help me to rectify this problem
Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: hi (database error)

You are using RDB V7.2 while your database is in V7.0 format.
Either install RDB V7.0 (this is possible as multiverion variant in parallel to your V7.2 version) or convert your V7.0 database to V7.2. Be sure to read the RMU72 help on this!

Perhaps you have multiple versions installed on your system, check with:


On my system this gives e.g.:

= "*V7.1-50"
= "*V7.2-12"

To select a specific version use:

regards Kalle