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how to pass parameters

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how to pass parameters

Hi how to pass parameters from one file to another
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Re: how to pass parameters

Files don't pass parameters, so I'm not quite sure what you're looking to do here.

DCL command procedures can pass parameters, and applications can pass parameters.


@procedure p1 p2 p3 p4 p5

Up to eight parameters are permitted.

You can also pass parameters using DCL symbols and logical names.

If you're not familiar with OpenVMS and its terminology and operations, then the OpenVMS User's Guide and the OpenVMS Programming Concepts manuals -- both are part of the OpenVMS documentation set -- can be good resources for these and other areas.

Once you get the hang of some of this with the manuals, then the HELP command and its reminders can assist you with various details of the platform. (The on-line HELP is a subset of the manuals, and thus not a good substitute for the manuals.)

The User's Guide in particular has a section on writing DCL command procedures that covers CALL and GOSUB and @ and such, and parameter passing. (I'm guessing you're writing a DCL procedure here, though I'm not entirely certain of that.) Here's the doc URL:


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Re: how to pass parameters

Hi, if you have nested procedures, you can use global symbols for both by "==" or ":==".

$ g_symbol == "my_global_value"

Another possibility is by logical name.