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iLO remote console and VMS on rx2600

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iLO remote console and VMS on rx2600

Hello forum,
I need iLO remote serial console to manage OS reboots and maintenance operations.

On rx2600 w. OpenVMS. iLO remote console displays power-up messages and EFI boot options but the feed stops as soon as an OS boot is started. The same if boot from DVD.

The rx2600 serial port appears to be operating as the primary console feed. Can this be moved to the iLO remote console?

Thanks for looking at this question.
Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: iLO remote console and VMS on rx2600

have you checked what it says in the VMS Installation Guide
B.2.2 Selecting Your OpenVMS Console on rx2600 Integrity servers


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Re: iLO remote console and VMS on rx2600

Thanks for your help. I got the iLO console to work by properly assigning the console signals to the MP device.
I did this by:
1) Connect to the MP serial port via iLO console connector.
2) Power up and log into MP and access the EFI Boot Maintenance Menu.
3)Choose the appropriate device for each of the three signals:
Select Active Console Output Devices
Select Active Console Input Devices
Select Active Standard Error Devices

The device I choose was:
* Acpi(HWP0002,700)/Pci(1|1)/Uart(9600 N81)/VenMsg(Vt100+)

Then Save, Exit and Cycle Power.
Access iLO via https and open the remote serial console.
The console now displays VMS as well as MP signals. Seems to work fine!
Thanks for your help.