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login process stalls


login process stalls

we have one VAX OpenVMS V6.2-1H3 it was working till Friday today when I tried to log in to the system for a daily checkup my log-in process do not proceeds,it do tells me about my last successful log -in information here is the message

Username: trimuse
Welcome to OpenVMS Alpha Operating System, Version V6.2-1H3 on node vaxapp
Last interactive login on Friday, 6-FEB-2009 14:46:50.95

it is waiting here forever,then I checked with different users, everyone is facing same issue even the system user could not check in.

I checked with my colleges what relevant changes were made, one of my co-worker enabled the auditing for everything
$ set audit /enable=all
we were suspecting that can be the reason as it was working fine before enabling audit for everything.
we have a way to execute commands from one of the other node which communicate with "vaxapp" via decnet, so we stop the audit server
$ set audit /server=stop
then tried log in, this did not help
so we revert and started the audit server again $ set audit /server=start.

we are still in the same hanger
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Re: login process stalls


SET AUDIT/ENABLE=ALL can produce a very large amount of data.

My first guess is that the system disk is full. If you have some access to the machine, then freeing some disk space may very well resolve the problem.

Of course, deleting the voluminous audit information is a possibility, but I would recommend moving it to another disk rather than deleting it. It can be deleted later if it is truly not needed.

- Bob Gezelter, http://www.rlgsc.com
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Re: login process stalls

What is the STATE of the waiting processes, as seen from a logged in process? SUSPEND?

The AUDIT_SERVER is infamous for suspending processes. For example, check out $HELP SET AUDIT/BACKLOG

Are you per chance running out of disk space for the volume with the audit log (sys$sysdevice?)

This me a good time to check with the HP Availability Manager, if you have the collector going for this older OpenVMS version.

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Re: login process stalls

If you login /NOCOMMAND then does that help?

Is there some processing in SYLOGIN that is causing a problem?
Perhaps you can edit the SYLOGIN to simplify it and see if this helps?

Check the status of the disks especially the system disk and the disk on which the audit log is place (if different).
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Re: login process stalls

we do have enough space
Device Device Error Volume Free Trans Mnt
Name Status Count Label Blocks Count Cnt
VAXAPP$DKA500: Online wrtlck 0
VAXAPP$DKB0: Mounted 0 appsys 2557413 961 1
VAXAPP$DKB100: Online 0
VAXAPP$DKB200: Mounted 0 dsk200 1777662 1 1
VAXAPP$DRA0: Mounted 0 dskrd1 4123647 114 1
VAXAPP$DRB0: Mounted 0 dskrd20 25053405 1 1
VAXAPP$DVA0: Online 0

or am I interpreting wrong
DKB0 is our system disk

Re: login process stalls

Username: trimuse /NOCOMMAND
Welcome to OpenVMS Alpha Operating System, Version V6.2-1H3 on node VAXAPP
Last interactive login on Friday, 6-FEB-2009 14:46:50.95

$ sho audit /all
List of audit journals:
Journal name: SECURITY
Journal owner: (system audit journal)
Monitoring: enabled
Warning thresholds, Block count: 100 Duration: 2 00:00:00.0
Action thresholds, Block count: 25 Duration: 0 00:30:00.0

Security auditing server characteristics:
Database version: 4.4
Backlog (total): 100, 200, 300
Backlog (process): 5, 2
Server processing intervals:
Archive flush: 0 00:01:00.00
Journal flush: 0 00:05:00.00
Resource scan: 0 00:05:00.00
Final resource action: purge oldest audit events

Security archiving information:
Archiving events: none
Archive destination:

System security alarms currently enabled for:
Breakin: dialup,local,remote,network,detached
Logfailure: dialup,network,detached

System security audits currently disabled

%SHOW-W-NOAUDITING, security auditing disabled; no events will be logged

does that help
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Re: login process stalls

Do you have something in the sylogin.com file that is doing logging or lookup or so ?

If the file it uses is locked it may wait for ever.

Is batch still working ?

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Re: login process stalls

At this point I suspect a bad lock on RIGHTSLIST or such common file.

Is this a cluster?

>> Username: trimuse /NOCOMMAND
>> Last interactive login on Friday, 6-FEB-2009 14:46:50.95
>> does that help

Not much... It looks like it still hangs, but that was not explicit in the reply.

The last_login time (SYSUAF.DAT) has not been updated.
This suggest to me that the login has gotten 'nowhere'.

The /NOCOM is a handy tool, when a user LOGIN.COM is mucked up, but you indicaed multiple users had the problem.
/NOCOM does not bypass SYLOGIN.COM, but I suspect you do not get that for.

You may want to edit SYLOGIN.COM to leave some breadcrumbs while debugging this, may write a record to a (shared?) file indicating 'entered SYLOGIN for as

Re: login process stalls

plz check the attachment

Re: login process stalls

I can only execute command but do not get shell so could not do $ ana /sys