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no slots error message

Alon Jacob
Frequent Advisor

no slots error message

Hello all.

I have a problem on one of our VMS 7.2 servers that runs DSM, in which every now and then when the application is starting some process it crashes and in the log you can see the message "%DSM-E-ZJOBRPYERR, Error from JOB process, -DSM-F-GLSNOSLOT...".
I claim this is a pure DSM and not a VMS problem (based on the message header) althoug my DBA claims this message although comnig from DSM points of some problem in the VMS.

Could he be right? what should I do to fix this?
Bojan Nemec
Honored Contributor

Re: no slots error message


Check if you have enought process slots with:


If there is not enough free slots, you must increase the sysgen parameter MAXPROCESSCNT. Do this with autogen and modparams.dat. This parameter is not dynamic so you must reboot the system.

Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: no slots error message

I am with you Alon: Pure DSM issue, ask DSM vendor for a detailed explanation on those messages codes. Is there a error message manual with the product?


Judging by the message this product has a good understanding op error handling/signalling and would have reported an underlying VMS error (say Virtual Address Space full, or some quota.) if there was something to report.

I'd look ad DSM config params to do with job queues and user counts and the likes.

In the 'better safe than sorry' department I would run one of those 'resource usage' scripts that list bytlm/enqlm/va used vs max.

And maybe, just maybe, the GLSNOSLOT is a direct map from VMS
So when the system is busy, check out:

$SHOW MEM/SLOT !(or show mem /full)
Is the 'free' count high enough for comfort?