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'no such file' on NFS mounts

Occasional Advisor

'no such file' on NFS mounts

maybe someone got the same, hp support doesn´t know.

we encounter problems with NFS mounts from OpenVMS 7.3-2 to a NetApp Filer.

From time to time some directories below the mount are showing some 'no such file' entries, thats killing some applications.
after a tcpip unmount/mount of the NFS client mount everything is ok.

One characteristic is, that there are 2500 directories in this share, some of them contain up to 160.000 files ..... :-(

the mounted device looks as follows

tcpip show mount dnfs3:/full
DNFS3:[000000] mounted
Transport TCPIP-UDP Writing Enabled
Read/write size 8192/8192 Write conversion Enabled
RPC timeout 0 00:00:01.00 ADF usage USE,UPDATE,CREATE
RPC retry limit 4 Fileids Unique
Attribute time 0 00:00:15.00 Server type UNIX
Directory time 0 00:00:30.00 Advisory Locking Disabled
Cache Validation MODIFY TIME Default user [mydefault,user]
Superuser No Default UID,GID 1100,200

any suggestions?

Occasional Advisor

Re: 'no such file' on NFS mounts

sorry, some data is subject to be changed. will open a new thread.