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"bad group" on Apache/VMS

Peter Skoog
Occasional Contributor

"bad group" on Apache/VMS

I've just installed Apache T2.0 beta but it fail to start with the error:
apache$httpd.exe;1: bad group name SYSTEM.
In the conf-file it says
Group #-1
I'm running VMS 7.3-1.
Can anybody help?
Åge Rønning
Trusted Contributor

Re: "bad group" on Apache/VMS

I've seen similar problem been reported on V1.3 so the following might be the reason and solution for T2.0 also:

Have a look at the APACHE$WWW user in AUTHORIZE. Notice the "Group name" of the UIC. If it is missing or does not say AP_HTTPD, then something happened during the upgrade that corrupted this.

The resolution that we have used to successfully correct this problem is to completely remove the APACHE$WWW account from the system UAF.

Then, using the APACHE$ROOT:[000000]APACHE$ADD_USER.COM program, simply recreate the UAF record. Make sure that the Group name is AP_HTTPD, and the USERNAME is APACHE$WWW.

Once you have created the account over, double check the permissions on the files in your APACHE directory tree to ensure that they are owned by [AP_HTTPD,APACHE$WWW]
VMS Forever
Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: "bad group" on Apache/VMS

If its just the group identifier missing then determine the group number by showing the username in authorize then

Using group 1 however doesn't sound right (implied SYSPRV with group < MAXSYSGROUP). I think the group number should be above MAXSYSGROUP (usually 7).
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