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Re: reagding tru64 cluster

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reagding tru64 cluster

Is there any document describing how to tune the system for better performance

one of orur customer shifted from normal tru64 to unix tru64 cluster and the performance of the product is 4 times slower than the former
Steven Schweda
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Re: reagding tru64 cluster

While you may find some people here who know
something about clusters, if I had a Tru64
cluster, I'd probably try asking in a Tru64
forum, instead of in this VMS forum.

Have you tried the Web site?

Hein van den Heuvel
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Re: reagding tru64 cluster

What was the goal and expectation of the transition?

Who designed the change over?
Call them back, let them explain!
Let them take responsibility.

Who approved the change over? Involve them!

Slower doing what?
Counting to 10? Oracle? RAC? File serving?

WAG: some disk with heavy file create/growth is owned by the 'wrong' member, where that file allocation activity is not not happening. Check with cfsmgr.

As Steven suggests, check out the Tru64 specific forum for further help, but not untill you addressed some or all of the above questions.

Tru64 forum:


Hope this helps some,
Hein van den Heuvel (at gmail dot com)
HvdH Performance Consulting

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Re: reagding tru64 cluster