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I installed 0penvms 8.2 on DS20E server. But i am unable to see GUI. It directly goes to cli mode and it show like "open vms operator console". So what else i need to do for GUI.
Simon Fedele

Re: reg:vga

First make sure you have a VGA monitor attached to the DS20.

Shutdown the system and at the Alpha SRM console prompt ( >>> ) check if the following variable is set to "serial"

>>>show console
console serial

If it is set to serial you need to change it to "graphics"

>>>set console graphics
>>>show console
console graphics

Re: reg:vga

console was already in graphics and vga was connected.
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: reg:vga

> I installed 0penvms 8.2 [...]

Did you also install DECwindows Motif? (And
register the corresponding license PAK?)

$ product show product *motif*
$ show license *motif*

What's the graphics card in the system? (Is
it supported by VMS?)

Are a keyboard and mouse connected?