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Re: regarding scsi cable

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regarding scsi cable

we have two DS-20 Alpha servers with 2 CPU, 4GB RAM & 500 MHz Processor and we are trying to establish a SCSI cable VMS cluster setup among these two servers.

We have configured our servers as follows:

We are getting problem in recognizing the storage box. When we connect the Storage box with the DS-20 server using 68-pin SCSI cable, DS-20 is not able to recognize it moreover, after connecting DS-20 to storage box it is not even showing its internal disks. The same problem occurs when we connect two DS-20 Alpha server using 68-pin SCSI cable without using the Storage box both the server are not showing their internal disks.

Can you please help us how can we make DS-20 server to recognize storage box or how one DS-20 Server can show other DS-20 disks also after connecting each other using SCSI Cable. Is there any system changes or environmental variable to be set for the same.
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Re: regarding scsi cable

What sort of controllers are you using ? This is only supported on Diff controllers.
What kind of storagebox/controller are you using ?
It's more convenient to use the following configuration:

alpha1 -> port 1 storage
alpha2 -> port 2 storage

And the best thing is to use Y-cables on the Alpha's. This is actualy the best when you want to mantanance on a Alpha without shutting down the other node.

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Re: regarding scsi cable

Hello Ajaydec. There are a lot of words missing from your description suggesting that you may not be fully aware of all the issues involved. Missing words: terminators, differential, tri-link, Y-cable, FWD, kzpsa/kzpba, version.
Extraneaous words: internal storage.

Please check out the OpenVMS Clsuter Documentation, and activate proper support as requied.

Alos check out suggested configurationas per Golden Eggs:
For example:

Good Reading!


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Re: regarding scsi cable

The base question from this thread is a duplicate of the following thread:

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Re: regarding scsi cable