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resource.h in gnv

phani shankar
Occasional Contributor

resource.h in gnv

i need resource.h header files for one of my projects .but its not included in openvms.specifically i require getrusage function and RUSAGE_SELF can some provide some solution please?
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: resource.h in gnv


> ...but its not included in openvms...

You should close this post and open it in the OpenVMS family.


Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: resource.h in gnv

>JRF: You should close this post and open it in the OpenVMS family.

A better suggestion is to provide a URL to the correct forum and to tell phani how to ask the moderators to move it.
OpenVMS > languages and scripting:

To request moderator action, reply to a thread like:
(I'll ask the moderators to move it.)
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Re: resource.h in gnv

The getrusage call is listed as a potential "future" at:


As the background on the problem and on the particular C code involved has been omitted, as have the OpenVMS and C versions and other details including (if feasible) a pointer to the tool(s) being evaluated or being ported, further suggestions and discussions here are difficult.

There are various alternatives to getrusage, depending on what detail(s) are needed from the call.

The other approach here is to discuss this directly with HP, if you're not able to locate an existing port of this call. times() is a potential alternative; AFAIK, getrusage is SVR and BSD but not POSIX. Looks like OpenSSL and Python might have something here.

Here are some tips on asking effective questions and how to get the best and most appropriate answers to your questions and rather more quickly: